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GV3: a whispered american secret disclosed

In 2006, an American who, with a background and successful experience in spirits production, the trucking industry, national distribution sales, and managing current and relevant entertainment brands, combined with a personal passion for fine living asked himself the question: Why am I looking abroad, i.e. Russia, Poland, Sweden, France, to enjoy the best-of-the-best in high-end, upscale vodka when it can be done in my own backyard?

The GV3 Vodka Brand Family:
Conceived…in America
Created…in America
Produced…in America
Bottled…in America
Distributed…in America
Boasting the Economy…in America
Pleasing Vodka Connoisseurs…Worldwide


GV3 is domestic luxury brand vodka that has been whispered about in private clubs and homes, and is now available for purchase worldwide.  What makes it so special? The uniqueness of GV3 can be found in the details: how it is made, where it is made, and why it is made.

All three of the GV3 Vodka brands: Classic Passion (80 proof), Platinum (90 proof), and Presidential (100 proof) are made with the finest rich, naturally fertilized wheat grains grown in American soil.  An exclusive filtration reverse-osmosis system processes the water no less than four times to assure a clean tasting, elegant, silky smooth vodka drinking experience. GV3 is crafted in small batches at a California facility to assure consistency, quality and adherence to the highest standards exacted by federal government regulations.  Our technique entails a complex, unhurried process…taste sampling each individual batch to ensure that GV3 vodka delivers perfection…from the first sip to the last. GV3 can also be ordered Kosher-approved year-round. Orders for Passover are available upon request.

In addition to being licensed to wholesale direct in California, GV3 shipping and distribution is handled directly from three major American distribution facilities for ease of logistics, and is available nationwide and internationally.


In a nod to the French, GV3 is bottled in the classic Kendo design from the Saver Glass Company who, having given America a penchant for worldly aesthetics has also been generous in recognizing the undeniable panache of American class and style.  The choice of the Kendo bottle evokes the same sensibilities as GV3: sensuality, sophistication and simplicity.

The GV3 label is a family-thing reflective of the owner’s heritage: Presidential, his Council of influencers and trendsetters; Platinum, his appreciation of being taught the art and balance of achievement and having fun; and, Classic Passion, his affinity for the hard-working everyday people who want…and deserve…more bang for the buck.

The cork, like the rest of GV3, is designed to enhance and not take away from the drinking experience with a non-toxic synthetic material that eliminates the possibility of crumbling into the bottle.

GV3 Classic Passion (80 proof):For those who like to splurge on taste…without breaking the bank.
GV3 Platinum (90 proof):For the discriminating who savor distinction, style…and sensual bliss on ice.
GV3 Presidential (100 proof): For Icons, Standard-Bearers, Heroes and Heroines…and those they love.
Since we don’t sacrifice time or quality, it’s easy to understand why the GV3 Vodka brand is exceptional…and one of the best-kept secrets of vodka aficionados.  Whether sharing a bottle of Classic Passion with the guys after a long hard day at work; or, sipping Platinum Bombshells* at Martini Night with the girlfriends; or, savoring Presidential while enjoying the ocean view from the Yacht Club…devotees of GV3 know that the last lingering drop will be as delectable and memorable as the first delicious sip.
*The GV3 Platinum Bombshell Ingredients:
1.5 oz GV3 Platinum Vodka
1.0 oz Cointreau
1.0 oz Caramel Crème Liqueur
.50 oz Triple Sec
.50 oz fresh lemon juice
Combine the above into a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake well, strain, pour into a chilled martini glass…and enjoy!
For more information on GV3 please contact:
GV3 International
8306 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite #1723
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
P: 310.285.3200
F: 310.285.9334
E: g.man@gv3.biz